joi, 27 august 2009

Rock'n Roll bRiDeS

The swinging '60 and '70 fashion will always be linked to some girls that waited quietly backstage for their superstar boyfriends. Or maybe not. Or maybe they were right in the spotlight, living their lives to the fullest, having the nerve to stand up to rock idols that dizzy crowds adored. Rock and Roll brides and girlfriends certainly turned themselves into icons.
Pamela Courson Morrison (December 22, 1946 - April 25, 1974) was Jim Morrison's (The Doors) cosmic mate, and together reigned as the regal reptile and his faerie queen (Mark Ebner). He dedicated his self-published poetry books to her as well as some of their songs - Love street, Queen of the highway,etc. Described as having an innate sense of style, Pamela ran a very expensive fashion boutique called Themis, financed by Jim. She would travel to Europe and Africa to get the most unusual and exotic merchandise, the highest quality fabrics and lavishing textures, designing exclusive clothes for the fashionable rock scene. She planned to take with her a "silver mini, silk paisley suit and hat, Indian suit, moccasins, feather fringe, hair beads" (Angels Dance and Angels Die, Patricia Butler) on one of their trips. She always dressed in vogue and moreover, she would often wear fashion-forward items, as one of her acquaintance recalls: " Pamela at a social event - she would stop the party! people would look at her because she was wearing the type of clothing that nobody else would dare to."
Anita Pallenberg (born 25 January 1944), also "known" as the 6th Rolling Stone, had a long term relationship with Keith Richards, probably the most talented, deep and intelligent band member. She speaks fluently four languages and studied graphic design. Model and actress, she had a some kind of earthy glamour in the way she dressed, generating the gypsy rock'n'roll look, mixing antique clothing and short tunics with large hats, low-waist belts, scarves and hand-made boots. She is quite the quintessential rock'n'roll babe, adventurous to the bone yet having an undeniable sense of style, powered by her unique italian glamour. Her personal view on fashion "set" the words used nowadays as to describe the term "boho style". Sweet Anita, You got the silver!
Marianne Faithfull (born 29 December 1946) is not that much linked to the fashion world per se, as to the music world; her carreer spans over four decades, her innocent voice from the beggining, singing As tears go by turned into a sorrowful one, marked by the long period of drug addiction and a lifetime of smoking. She divorced John Dunbar to live with Mick Jagger, the Stone whom she considered to be "the best bet". She can be considered a perfect rebel: dissing conventions for a life lived by her own rules - she hit rock bottom once, living on the streets, "very high and very anorexic", but recovered as a phoenix. She is definitely considered a 60s beauty icon: full lips and long lashes, wearing painted velvet mini skirts and fur coats, oversized sunglasses and tons of attitude. She and Anita remained great friends after their separation from the Rolling Stones.
Exiled in the land of fame and changing so many people's lives in such different ways, I wonder if the blessed can ever turn into the damned?


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