luni, 10 august 2009

le cheap chic

Generally, kitsch defines an inferior copy of an original style (thing?). We all know the popular "adibas" sweaters and also the eye-killer "harrison" jacket. Anyway, kitsch is defined by low quality. Also, low quality products are Many people tend to associate these two concepts, but not all cheap things are low quality. However, an interesting fact is how attitude can change a cheap look - how attitude converts low quality into cool. Well, can it be? Some may say kitsch does not exist anymore, at least in fashion. One can sport a kitschy outfit on purpose. And some of them manage to look quite..original? I can't really say. But I still got a problem with cheap looks. And I'll make a list of every thing that crosses my mind and fits my personal definition of cheap:
- glued soles (instead of sewed ones).
- shoes and accesories that leave glitter on your hands.
- aluminium earrings that hurt your ears
- too short and too tight "plastic" tops
- dirty white laquer purses
- overdried hair. for me, it looks cheap.
- pants that leave nothing to imagination- those pants 2 sizes smaller.
If you have more examples, go ahead and complete the list.


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