duminică, 30 august 2009

happy birthday bub!

Even though this post is totally off-topic, I would like to "publicly" write down some of the things that made simona one of my best friends.

- she doesn't ask questions like "why do you do that??". that's what acceptance is about.
- on the other hand, her pieces of advice are always well argumented.
- she knows how to bring the sun on my street with a phone call.
- she listens with her eyes glowing. and that happens with her closest friends only.
- we like to spend an entire day eating chinese food and watching audrey hepburn movies. during breaks we pick the crumbles on the bed like children and giggle while sharing our plans for the future.
- she knows how to stand her ground
- she makes 50s skirts and oversized sunglasses look fantastic. not the other way round.
- she knows exactly what's the best part of me, even when I forget it.
- she enjoys marry-go-rounds and waffles on a hot day and never complains about the fact that her feet are blistered.
- when she feels lost she needs a friend, not a designer's boutique adress.
- we found out what's the meaning of having a McFlurry while listening to Blondie, driving out of town.
- we manage to find each other at a table or on the dancefloor on "alcohol/El Comandante/Fire/Expirat/B52 nights", laughing like crazy about the same thing. and no, we don't even need to mention the thing, because we already know it.
- she drinks tequilla and Lipton Lemon Ice Tea with the same enthusiasm.
- she matches her earrings with the flowers on her sandals and resembles a butterfly.
- she understands what "different point of view" means. this is a very rare quality nowadays.
- she literally gets involved in a situation when needed, and literally helps me. just like old school friendships. a friend in need is a friend indeed.
- because I can tell it's something real by the way she surprises me with things I truly care about.
Because you're always there. Happy birthday bub!

3 comentarii:

  1. what a lovely list & tribute to your friend!

  2. i love that pink dress! =)


  3. I need her phone number asap!:) Kiddin', but not really!:) I love both your outfits and your summer layering is very cool and chic!