marți, 25 august 2009

feeling alright?

Yesterday I just ended (hopefully) what I call a series of unfortunate events, topped by a minor car crash. So I decided to make the best day out of today, thinking and reading about eye-pleasing items.
First, i would like to have the most perfect breakfast: peanut butter with banana slices, grapes and cereals. I would watch Garfield, my cat, chasing butterflies in golden sunlights. Afterwards, I would check my To Do list written in an unsual shaped, hand-made notebook. Then, i would put on Manolo Blahnik's The Campari, also known as Carrie Bradshaw's urban myth, the Mary Jane's. I would spend the evening browsing through the wonderful paintings on youngatarts, spending more than 5 minutes on each art piece made by Alexandra Ecobici. I would drink a glass of red wine and fall asleep thinking of Elsa Schiaparelli's avant-garde hats. This way, I would break the night into day.
p.s.: i won't rotate garfield's pic.


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