duminică, 20 septembrie 2009

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( Marc Jacobs, Alexander Wang, Anna Sui, Jill Stuart, Diane von Furstenberg, BCBG Max Azria)

The blogs are pouring with notes from NY Fashion Week and the latest shows kept everybody searching for the perfect collection. Some appreciated the clean shapes and neutral colors and others suggested that after a season of mourning over the global recession, it's time for a fresh beggining. So I started browsing through the latest shows and found out that:

- i don't like Alexander Wang's collection; I think I expected an edgy urban twist to his style but instead he proclaimed the gym class outfit as the new IT. In school, I hated the sweat ensembles we had to wear on gym classes. I still may be under that terror. ( Adidas doesn't count as sweat outfit. It's way ahead.)

- i like Anna Sui optimistic floral patterns, mixed with checked tailored jackets and high waist pants. Cool, but not over the top.

- i like BCBG Max Azria show; it's like the clothes were reconstructed in order to reflect the eclectic fashion period we live in. I also dig the switch from sheer fabrics to mate ones, the drapped dresses and the fade-out patterns.

- i don't like Calvin Klein's collection. Francisco Costa played it too safe. He tamed down the architectural shapes he used last spring and offered a series of neutral pieces in color and shape alike.

- i like Jill Stuart's collection. Yes, she could have used a bit MORE fabric (because her dresses look decent only on extremely thin girls) but I have to say her sequined frock, the metalic dresses and the play between mesh, sheer and opaque graphics mesmerized me. At least it's SOMEthing new.

- i like Julien MacDonald's show. We should all know that before Balmain, there was Julien MacDonald. And now, in the sporty trend he defenitely wins over Wang. At least to me. The body fitted dresses, the sporty fabrics combined with the female body glamour, and of course the smart insert of tailored trench and messy sexy dresses. The whole "I need to buy" list. Smart and practical but not that surprising.

- I like the continuous trip that Furstenberg makes, staying true to her feminine maxi dresses. Her new collection explores oriental themes as well as hippie elements.

- i like the royal touch that Marc Jacobs brings with his arty-ruffles in the new collection.

As Ovidiu Buta said in his fashionandbeauty.ro editorial, we should wait for the visionaires in Paris and London fashion weeks.
More reviews to come...

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  1. I agree that Alexander Wang's collection included way too many sweats! NY Fashion Week is so boring! What did you think of the Marc Jacobs show? Cool blog!

  2. too be honest i didnt like many of the collections. max axria's collections are always wearable but nothing too innovative usually. DVF remains though a favorite of mine.