joi, 10 septembrie 2009

Fashion's Night Out

Anna Wintour initiated a plan to bring customers back in stores and to revive the world of fashion. Sounds like a Sisif's work, but hey! Anna Wintour knows it better. AND she has that list. Models, photographers, designers...who promised her they'll follow her whenever she decides to quit Vogue. Leaving the funny part aside, why would she? Suporting the fashion industry is quite a marvelous job. Anyway, retailers all over the world celebrate the world of fashion today, september 10th 2009, keeping the doors open until late. There will be shows, contests, product launching, limited edition shoes, musical performances, barbeques and many celebrities. The second largest industry in New York city, fashion will be boosted for sure. And I bet many Cristal bootles will be spilt on the streets-stores of Manhattan, leaving ladies with loaded credit cards very dizzy.
However, Fashion's Night Out is in fact the smartest plan to heal the fashion world. With all the vintage-mania out there, no wonder Jimmy Choo boots remain silent on dusty shelves. And as Vera Wang says, "if people don’t shop, people lose their jobs". That's for certain.

4 comentarii:

  1. I wish I were there - NY I mean! Interviul acesta e hilar - as da orice sa aud ce gandeste Anna cu adevarat in timp ce vorbeste cu Larry!:)

  2. hahaha funny interview!
    pity we live in Romania...

  3. i have heard of this event. it seems a lot of NYC bloggers will be attending today. i'm so jelous of them. wish i could tag along.

  4. well, maybe next year we could do our own Fashion's Night Out.:D. and even if there won't be a "great depression" anymore, we can always find a good reason.:)