joi, 30 iulie 2009

Russian Chanel bags

Chanel's fall 2009 Paris - Moscow bag collection can be described perfectly in one word: original. The russian spirit shines through military decorations, golden symbols and blood red wool. Moreover, there are also the-always-fabulous chained quilted bags made of calfskin and lambskin, adorned with the classical CC logo.
It's surprinsing how a bag with parisian heart evokes heavy russian winter nights, marvelous architectural details, and even Rusia's imperial tendencies captured in emblematic jewels.
Bonus: Lilly Allen has been chosen to represent Chanel's bags in Coco Cocoon fall 2009 ad campaign. Well, things are getting better: a british songbird, a parisian brand and Moscow themed capsule-collection.
I really like this better/glamorous side of globalization. Endless possibilities.


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