marți, 28 iulie 2009

London trip

(Topshop glasses, bag and dresses, Alexander McQueen shoes, funkytrend necklaces, Eagle Point hat)

Grab some friends and visit London. Wake up in a bath of light and have a true English breakfeast, in a true English garden. Save some roses and let their scent spread around the room while watching The English Patient. Later in the afternoon go thrift shopping on Portobello road and abandon yourself on The Streets songs. Try on a Tophsop dress and a yellow fedora, with a pair of Alexander McQueen shoes. The evening might be chilly; make a personal warm-up on Bloody Mary's in a hooligan-studded pub. At midnight, explore London's rave scene and explosive clubs wearing a Topshop see-through dress, accesorized with a gas-mask or a key-necklace. Pay a tribute to Prodigy's country sporting an England flag cross-body bag.

Don't forget your umbrella. There might be acid nights.

Un comentariu:

  1. Sa iti traiasca "copilul" ! Vom sarbatori cu tort si sampanie atunci cand va implini 1 an !!
    Pana atunci, ai grija cum il cresti si cum il educi. Sa manance sanatos si sa se dezvolte frumos.
    Good-luck ! : )

    Cu drag, matusa care a "insuflat" conceperea,