duminică, 1 noiembrie 2009

corina's world

corina vladescu is one of the few extraordinary people who manage to keep their "down-to-earth-ness" while creating fabulous dreams that others can only admire. with a warm smile and playful, cinnamon locks, corina invites you on a scene full of characters. when you get surrounded by her clothes, you expect the creations to jump off the shelves and dance around you. her personality shines through every piece. you get to notice the wonderful detailings and quality fabrics only after your head stops spinning. it's enough to understand her designs, and to be smart enough to let her story be sewed to your skin. then it strikes you: corina vladescu's clothes suits every wonderful mind.

4 comentarii:

  1. She really is a great person and a fabulous designer and the roisin dress looks great on you!:)

  2. Ahh... i finally get to see the wonder dress :D Unfortunately, you're not online right now, so i can't really share my feelings right now with you, but i assure you, they are great. The dress is spectacular, just as i would have expected it to be :X:X

  3. oh my god u wore the roisin dress. my favorite. u look amazing in it. i love it!

  4. you looked great sweetie!the dress is fabulous and love it how you paired it with the blue booties!